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Security in Google Drive

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Security in Google Drive
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google secure lapHere are some tips to keep the files you store in Google Drive safe and secure:

  • Regularly update your account recovery options.
  • Perform regular operating system and browser updates.
  • Never use your Google Account password on another website.
  • Protect your password. Never send your password via email.
  • If you share a computer, sign out of your Google Account when you're finished.
  • If you’re on a public or shared computer, do not install Google Drive, as anyone with access to the computer would be able to open and view your files.
  • Choose an appropriate sharing setting — Private, Anyone with the link, or Public — for your files, folders and Google documents.



General Tips:



Keep your computer and device clean

One of the top ways that criminals can take control of your computer is by installing malicious software, or malware. When installing any software, be careful about associated software. Often, you will be asked to install other programs at the same time.

Some of these might not be malware exactly, but they still can steal processing speed and hard drive space.


Stay up to date

One way that people sometimes gain access to your computer is by looking for known security problems in old versions of software. Many people don’t always update to the latest version of software, which has the best security protections.

Keep your mobile device safe

Smartphones running Android software have similar protections in place to reduce the risk of damage.

Android also requires that every app in the Google Play store list what kind of information the app wants to collect or access from your device, so you can decide whether you trust the app or not.



Manage multiple accounts

Many devices now support multiple online accounts. This means you’re in control of which account you use, and when. And even if you are signed in to multiple Google Accounts on the same device, personal information from one Google Account is not combined with information from any other Google Account, unless you decide to link those accounts together.

You can toggle between your Google Accounts easily and quickly, both on desktop and on mobile. For example, you can add a secondary Google Account when you’re signed in on your main account and switch back and forth between them.

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