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Statement of Research Interests

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Education is a community affair. My Philosophy of Education informs my research on the scholarship of teaching and learning involving the social construction of knowledge. Over the past few years I have published articles on blogging as student activity, discussion boards for assessment, and the use of portfolios for teaching and learning activities. A complete list is provided above.

Research Focus: I am currently exploring two related concepts. Students often struggle to make conceptual connections across courses and units of study. So, as advisor, I am exploring the notion of idea management (http://tinyurl.com/gmh9n9b ) through the use of portfolios and new media to support reflective processes for individual learners and practitioners. I am also exploring the use of rubrics as teaching and learning tools and not just as assessment tools.

I am also working with a number of teaching faculty to explore the use of cloud storage and synchronous editing tools to support academic inquiry within the classroom. Much of my research revolves around the notion of, “Narratives of Learning”. As McLuhan tells us, “the medium is the message”.

I believe that students’ ability to make connections is enhanced through greater clarity in program level and course level outcomes. Current trends in bespoke and tailored programs use electives and cross-listed courses to offer a greater range of opportunities, which may have the effect of clouding outcomes and hence such offerings may pose conceptual issues for all stakeholders, especially students. Hence, I am investigating the use of program level outcomes to provide a more cohesive overview of programs, and on the construction of learning outcomes as tools to formulate and then drive academic inquiry in the classroom.

Ultimately, in keeping with my education philosophy, I believe that greater clarity in purpose and focus will allow more students to be successful in their endeavors.

Research Methodologies: I generally employ a participatory action research model, with an emphasis on ethnographic reviews of constructed knowledge in the form of edited documents from classroom activities, blog and discussion board posts, and teacher constructed artefacts. I have also applied quantitative analyses based on a grounded theory approach to code blog and discussion board entries in order to measure the effects of specific models of interactions. I used a similar grounded theory approach to code interviews and focus groups with students and teachers.

Research and Resources: In order to pursue my research, I have liaised with a variety of stakeholders to ensure proper resources. Required resources have included access to server space and dedicated time from IT specialists to provide technical support. I have also worked with external partners in Nova Scotia to secure funding for various research projects promoted by the program chairs for whom I was a consultant.

Perhaps the greatest resource I have secured was time allotted to local school teachers by the Ministry of Education in Sharjah and directions to spend the time with me. These resources were secured by demonstrating the application of the research to stakeholders, including students.

Paul Leslie

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Dr. Paul Leslie

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Education is a Community Affair. 

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