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Google Drive as Assignment DropBox

Associated Skills of the Portfolio Process

One application of Google Drive is as an Assignment DropBox.

 cloud associated skills

To allow your students to use Google Drive as a dropbox, first of all, you need to ensure that:

  • All students have their own Google account (see Google Education).
  • You have a Google account!
    • If you have a GMAIL account, you also have a Google Drive account, Youtube, Google+, Blogger etc.
  • All students have set up their Google Drive. They should have Google Drive installed on their laptops, although this not necessary.

There is more than one way to approach this task. Here is one easy way.

If you have not used your Google+ account, preview it before class. Just click on the  square in your account area at the top of any google page, where you are logged in and then select G+.

google toolsGoogle+

With your students in class, have them search for you in Google+. Once they find you, have them add you to a circle. They can create a circle or add you to an existing one.


google circles add

Once you are added to their circles, you can easily search for your students and add them to your own circle.

google circles added

I recommend that you plan the circles and names carefully. Circles are great tools for communicating to specific groups of people. 

  • Note that it is not required to have people in Circles to share a folder with them, but circles do make the process much easier.

You can also simply go to Google+, click on People and then look in "Have you in circles".

google circles

Once you add students to a circle, you can check to see who is in the circle.

google edtcstudents

Next, go to the folder in your Google Drive account that you will use for the assignments. Right click on the folder and select share. You will see the following window.

google drive shareLink

In this window, you can select Google+ as the way to share the file. This allows your students to find the link easily. You will get the following window.


google drive share window

You can then share the folder with the circle you created that holds the students. The circles will appear as choices in the "Add People" section.


google drive share notice

A notice will appear on your home page in Google+. Similarly, the students in the circle will also see the same notice on their Google+ home page.

Click on the folder link. You will see a button that asks you to add the folder to your Drive.

google drive share opendrive


Once in the folder, you can:

  • Create a new folder and name it with your name and student ID:
      • Fatima Ahmed h0012345
    • Right-click on the folder and then select share.
    • In the Share setting, click on 'Change'

google changeaccess

  • and then, select Private...

google sharing setting

  • Once you do this, you can then simply save the setting and only you and your teacher (the person who originally created the parent folder) will be able to see that folder.
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Add Single Document to Mahara

Add Single Document to Mahara

  • In Google Drive, share the document that you wish to highlight in your portfolio. Follow the same steps that you used to share a folder (see SHARING A FOLDER).
    • You will want to edit the layout of the page to allow a wider column in order to fit the full document.

google shared

  • In the Share window, select “Anyone who has the Link can View”.
  • Once you have set the access, copy the "Link to Share".
  • Go to Mahara and then open the page where you want to show the document.

mahara sidebar edit

  • Click on EDIT THIS PAGE.
  • Under External content, select the GOOGLE APPS block and drag it to the page.
  • As you did with other blocks, give the block a Title and then paste the link into the URL OR EMBED CODE area.
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Add Showcase Folder to Mahara Portfolio

Add Showcase Folder to Mahara Portfolio

mahara swc

  • You can either create your own page, or click on “Shared with Me” and select a preformatted page from the list.
    • For many of your pages, you will be able to select a preformatted page to save yourself lots of time.
    • If you select a preformatted page, you will need to click on the “Edit Page” link in the top right corner.
    • If you create a new page, it will automatically open in edit mode.
  • When your page opens in edit mode, you will see several editing tabs for different options.

mahara edit content

  • You can edit the title and description and layout at any time. See the “Edit Title and Description” instructions for detailed use.
  • Go to EXTERNAL CONTENT and then drag and drop the “External resource block” anywhere on the page. You can always move it later.
    • Refer to EDIT LAYOUT for information on how to edit the page columns.

mahara edit drag

  • Once you drop the block, you will see this page of options:

mahara ex resource

  • In the Block title, you can type the name of the folder you are sharing. Leave the next two boxes unticked.
  • To get the URL, you need to return to Google Drive, right-click on the folder you are going to share, select share and then copy the URL from the top of the window (Click here to see how to share).

google shared

  • Copy the LINK TO SHARE, and paste it in the URL box in Mahara.
    • You can also share the link via the other tools listed underneath the link (Gmail, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter). This adds content to your profile and makes you look good.
      • To get people to visit your site, you need to have something for them to look at.
      • You can also use this method to share work with colleagues through Google Plus. See sharing with Google Plus.
  • Click on Save. You will see this on your page:

mahara folders view