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How to edit your Mahara Profile

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Your profile is the main feature of your Mahara account. When other people look for your work, they will start at your profile page. This page will contain links to your showcase work and to other documents that you wish to share with your colleagues.

The value of using Mahara to share your work is that you can link a wide range of other tools in this one page. Otherwise, we might never find and see all the great stuff that you are doing. That means we will not benefit from your work as an educator.

One of the first features you should consider adding to your profile page is your personal / professional resume. You have two options and you should take advantage of both. 

Update your Profile

LinkedIn still seems to be the best online resume tool. This social media tool is becoming very popular around the world and especially here in the UAE. Since you need to have a resume and cover letter anyway, I suggest you do this initial work on LinkedIn. You can then export the information to a paper based resume or CV if you so desire.

You can then link your LinkedIn profile to Mahara through a LinkedIn block, which you can find under the "Personal" heading in the edit page mode. However, since LinkedIn has no Arabic language support (yet), Arabic users may want to use a different tool.

In either case, Mahara, offers a simple profile which can be easily edited from the main page or DASHBOARD page. Click here for the Mahara help file on the personal profile.

mahara profile edit

  • Click on “Update Your Profile”.

mahara profile edit about

  • You will be able to add a variety of information to your profile, which you will then be able to share on your profile page.
    • People will view your profile and so you should consider what you put there.
    • I believe that more is better, as long as it is relevant.
  • You will be able to find your profile page by clicking on your name at the top of the page.
    • Your name will appear at either the top left or top right of the page.

mahara profile home

  • Click on “Edit this Page” to add your various profile details, including LinkedIn, a wall and other features..

mahara sidebar person

  • Similar to editing other sections of the Mahara portfolio, you can edit and add other features to your profile page.
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