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Sharing your Showcase Portfolio

mahara portfolio

You – How can you share the location of your work for others to find?

Stakeholders – How can you find the work of your colleagues?

Share your Showcase Collection

There are several ways to share your work.

  • Share a single page
  • Share a collection
  • Share your profile and link to pages or collections

There are also several ways to send the link to other people to view.

  • Email the link
  • Use a QR code
  • Post the link via social software

Sharing a page or Collection:

  • When you are logged in, go to your Portfolio tab and then click on SHARED BY ME.
    • You will have the option to share collections or pages.
    • If you share a collection, the pages in the collection will automatically be shared.

mahara shared

  • Click on EDIT ACCESS and then select which items you wish to share.
    • In this view, the sharing settings for the item that you selected on the previous page appears under ADDED.
    • You can control the length of time for which the item will be shared, or leave it open.

mahara sharing options

  • The item you selected on the previous page should appear selected on this page.
  • You can choose to share the item (collection or page) with the groups shown.
    • PUBLIC is the only option that will allow the collection to be viewed by people who are not logged into the site.

The collection you have shared is now open for visitors.



­­­­­­­­­­­­Send the link to others

Public Users

  • Once you have shared the collection, open the collection and then copy the URL of the collection from the address bar.
    • Note that although you can see the whole collection in the tabs, the id that shows in the address bar is for the specific page. Whatever Page is highlighted when you copy the address will be the page that opens first when you share the link

mahara share page id

You can email this link.

­­­­­­­­­­­Mahara members

  • Go to your profile page and either:
    • Check to ensure that your “My Pages” module is visible on your page. It should be there by default.
      • It allows people to see whatever pages are visible to them.
      • If someone clicks on a page that is in a collection, it will show the whole collection provided that the collection has been shared.
      • This may be a bit messy and confusing for infrequent visitors.

mahara profile mypages

    • Or, you can add a link to a collection.

mahara profile collection

      • The link will display the pages in the collection.

mahara profile collectionpages


Stakeholders: Finding a Participant Portfolio

  • When members go to the Mahara site and log in, they will be able to find participants through the groups.
    • Participants may belong to more than one group.
  • All members will also be added to the “Mahara Members” Group.
  • Once a participant is located, Mahara members can simply click on the participant name to view the profile.
    • Note that while many of the pages can be viewed without logging in, groups cannot be accessed without logging in.
    • Also, members must be logged in to leave comments on pages.


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