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Add Comments to a Portfolio Page

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How to Add Comments to a Portfolio Page

A very powerful feature of the Mahara portfolio system is the comment tool. This adds a social component to the portfolio that allows for:

  • Feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Spreading of ideas and methods
  • Construction of knowledge

By default, all pages allow commenting by members of the Mahara community, if they are logged into the site. Commenting by guests is strongly discouraged since this allows for spam to quickly clog the site.

All stakeholders should be registered with the site in order to provide a more complete and richer set of feedback opportunities.

The on-going nature of the portfolio also allows for monitoring by stakeholders including teachers and supervisors. Once certain tools, such as a lesson exemplar folder, are set up, stakeholders can easily go and review the contents at will.

Once you are logged into a site and wish to view a page (see How to view a Page or Collection),

  • Go to the page and then look at the bottom of the page.
    • You can see comments if they have been made public. In this case public means members of the Mahara Community, not un-registered on guest users.
    • If you click on “Report objectionable material”, it will send an email to the administrator (Me).

mahara feedback

  • Click on the “Place feedback” link and then in the text box, leave your comment.
    • If you want the comment to be seen only by you and the page owner, then deselect the “Make Public” box.
    • You can also attach files.

mahara feedback comments


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