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Edit Page Title and Description in Mahara

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How to Edit Page Title and Description in Mahara

PLEASE NOTE: This section discusses how to edit the title and description. You may need to refer to other sections to see how to copy or edit BLOCKS in Mahara.

  • Once you have a page or collection open in Mahara, you should see something like this:

mahara collection view

    • When you open a page that is in a collection, you will see the entire collection. This enables you to understand what you should or need to include in the page.
    • You can select any page from the collection.
  • Click on EDIT THIS PAGE.

mahara edit title

  • The page title is what appears in the tab when you are viewing the collection.
    • Note that the tabs are not very wide so keep your title short.
    • You do not need to put your name in the title as visitors will see it in the collection title.
  • The description can contain a variety of content.
    • If you are good with HTML code, you can insert video and other features.
    • If you have copied a page from a group collection, you can simply edit the content that is already provided.
  • Click on the TOGGLE FULL SCREEN MODE button to more easily edit the content.

mahara toggle full

  • The description will open in the full screen of your computer. Here you can edit a variety of content, including:
    • Skills for competencies
    • Links to external content in your Google Drive, Blogger and others.
  • When you are finished, you must click on TOGGLE FULL SCREEN MODE again to return to the normal window.
  • You can enter tags if you prefer.
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