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How to work with pages or Collections in Mahara

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How to work with Pages and Collections in Mahara

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For more information on editing pages, click here

In Mahara, in order to showcase your work, in most instances you will need to create a page and then place content on that page for others to access. This content can include an embedded word document containing a lesson plan or PDP. It can also include an RSS feed from a blog or a folder from Google Drive.

You can also copy a page that you have already created and simply edit some of the content to quickly create a new page.

  • Go to your own profile.

mahara dash


  • Click on Portfolio and then go to Pages and click ‘CREATE A PAGE’.

portfolio page create



  • Page title: Provide a title for your page. This field cannot be left empty. If you do not enter a title, the default “Untitled” will appear.
  • Page description: Write a brief description summarising your objective of this page. It will appear on the page itself.
  • Tags: Enter tags to find your page more easily at a later stage. Separate your tags with commas. If you already have tags, you can click on the link 'Show my tags' and select the ones that you think will fit for this page as well. They will be entered into the text field for you.
  • Name display format: Choose which of your names you want to appear on the page as author.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes and to continue to the Edit content part.

Copy a page or collection

You may want to use a page that has a lot of content as a template. You can copy that page and then edit the blocks that you have already created. This may save you time.

You may also want the same page to appear in more than one collection. In this case, you will need to make a copy of the page.

  • Starting from the Portfolio link, click on COPY A PAGE.  
  • Once you click on COPY A PAGE, you will be able to copy either a collection or a page. You can see individual pages and also see what collection that page is in.

mahara copy page collection

  • If you want the entire collection, you can simply copy the collection.
  • It may be easier to get started by copying a whole collection and then deleting certain pages.
  • Once you have your own collections, you can copy these as well, more or less in the same way. 

Copy a Collection

  • Once you click on COPY COLLECTION, you will be asked to edit the Collection name and the description. You can change these to your own personalized titles.

mahara edit collection title

  • Next, you can edit which pages are included in the collection.
  • You can remove pages that came with the copied collection
  • You can add existing pages from your own set of pages. 

mahara copy page selection


  • Once you have completed the collection edits, you will be returned to your own COLLECTIONS page, under your portfolio. 

Curated Collections

  • When showcasing your work, one essential sharing method will be to link your curated collections through your profile page.
  • Under the General tab, select the “Navigation” module. This will display a collection.

mahara collection add

  • You can edit the various elements of the module and select the collection you want to display.

mahara collection add edit

  • In the block title, you can put the actual title, or another title that indicates the audience of that particular collection.
  • You can include more than one collection.

mahara profile collection module

  • The same page can be copied and shared in as many different curations – SHOWCASE COLLECTIONS – as are necessary.

mahara curation compare


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