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Sunday, 08 January 2012 22:33

EDU 1302 - Weeks 16 & 17 - Finals

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So, it comes down to this - one big exam. To review, you should read throgh all of the blog entries for your couorse, and look at the links and articlesd I have provided you over the semester. Your exam contains short answer questions, which mean that you must answer with more than a word but less than an essay. In questions, you may answer with bullet points, and in others you may need to write a paragraph.

Topics include:

  • Portfolios
    • Digital Stories
  • Social Media
  • Cloud computing
  • Wikis
  • Software

This week we will look at story telling as a tool for teaching and see how we can use various tools in the classroom to help that process.

We will also explore the Tweetchat tool and how it might help us.

Sunday, 04 December 2011 07:30

EDU 1302 - Weeks 14 & 15 - Portfolio!

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We will then start to review your portfolio and have a selection of you begin to present what you have. This will be on a volunteer basis but remember, someone has to volunteer! If not, I will select students.

I want to see:

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Growth and development
  • Understanding of key processes in your studies
  • Completeness, correctness and appropriacy
  • Diversity of entries

If need be, we can review the NSCC portfolio page as well.

Here is a list of benefits of using SharePoint as a portfolio tool (remember that these benefits may apply to many other software packages as well!).

SharePoint e-Portfolio Highlights

  • User-Centered: Students control what goes into their SharePoint e-Portfolio and who sees it
  • Customizable: Students can create multiple views
  • Flexible: Allows students to create portfolios to showcase their skills and achievements
  • Reflective: Portfolio encourage reflective thinking
  • Easy to Use: Users do not need any HTML or programming skills. They have to be able to fill out web forms and upload files, as they would in an email attachment
  • Goal Oriented: Users can set, review, and revise goals related to their education, course, career, work, service, and volunteer activities
  • Career Centred: SharePoint e-Portfolio contains extensive ways for users to archive information about educational, volunteer, service, work and much more
  • Faculty Portfolios: Faculty can create their own portfolios to use for professional development, to highlight their achievements, or to archive material for promotion and tenure
  • Import / Export using IMS standard
  • Export to zip-file and use it later on another platform


On Monday in week 15, we will troubleshoot any last issues with yor SharePoint sites. We will also try to view them on our phones. After that, we will begin a review of the semester and see what we need to go over again for the final exam. WE will also try to preview some of your portfolio sites in class together.

Sunday, 27 November 2011 22:31

EDU 1302 - Week 13 - Behind the Scenes

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We will spend the first half of the class to clarify any final issues with the embedded media project. You do not have to submit it until 4:00 PM today. From the assessment document:


Create a web page displaying at least three examples of embedded media including:

  • Images
    • These should be original photos or designs that contribute to the page
  • Video
  • Audio

You can create more than one page and link them together if you need space. You need to create a folder, named according to proper naming conventions and you need to name files properly as well. You should try to link the items thematically as well. However, remember that this course is about educational technology and so the focus is on the technology, not the theme.


Your page should be submitted through your own My Site in SharePoint. You will submit the link to the page in the assignment drop box.

All associated files must be located in appropriately named files in the same document library, within a root folder.

Links should be relative, not absolute.

Saturday, 19 November 2011 01:46

EDUC 1302 - Week 12 - Media Project

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This class will be dedicated to your project. Your project is to embed media into a web page. This can be done using Notepad. However, if you  want to design the page and add some nice formatting, we need to do some extra work.

Some things you need to know to successfully complete your project:

  • File management
    • You need to save your work in a ROOT folder. This folder will contain everything needed for the project. You must follow proper naming protocol (see article here). Create a root folder NOW if you have not done so already.
    • You must also save each of your different file types in a separate folder (unless you are using swf and flv files - these must be saved in the same folder).
  • If you want to add more than one page, you can do so by using Dreamweaver or MS Word.
    • In MS word, open a new document, layout your page the way you want it, and then place the links to your embedded media files. YOu need to write some text for the link (e.g. "Click here"), highlight the txt and then right click to add the hyper-link. Then you can link to your web page.
    • Once you have completed your page, you can save it as html.
    • In Dreamweaver, go to site, new site, in the window go to advanced settings, name your site and then browse for your root folder. Once there, you can access all of your files and folders.
    • You can then embed the media through Dreamweaver. It may seem easier, but there are more steps so as we say, "Six of one, a half-dozen of the other". 

Notes from last class:


Monday, 31 October 2011 01:01

EDU 1302 - Weeks 9-11 - Media

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In week 9, you only have one class due to the test. Week 10 is a holiday so really we are looking at week 11!

We will continue with media. We have created videos, encoded them and now we will create a podcast and see if we can create a subscription to it.

First, we will use Audacity to create a podcast. A podcast is simply an mp3 file. What will you talk about?

You should have Audacity on your laptop. If you do not, go here and download it.

Do you have the LAME DLL? If not, go to the internet and downlaod it from somewhere. Then you need to install it in your Audacity program. How? Go to EDIT - PREFERENCES - and the file types. Follow the directions.

Create a live RSS feed for your podcast
Great Article on Podcasting

Embed Media

Once you have created your file, place it on your portfolio and invite people to subscribe to your podcast.

Sunday, 09 October 2011 23:24

EDU 1302 - Week 7&8 - Digital Stories

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For the next two weeks, we will be using a bit more technology. You will have the opportuntity to work on your portfolios and develop some digital media at the same time.

  1. Do you have a Youtube video that you like? Obviously, it should be related to your education. (Try this one)
  2. Find the video and then we will add it in two different ways so that you can adapt your work to different settings.
    1. Using the media webpart in SharePoint, add the video.
    2. That was too easy. Now, 'grab' (copy) the embed code for the video, paste it in to notepad, change the file type to "All Files" and save it as ".html". Give it a good name.
    3. Save the file to your My Site in an assets folder and then link to the video through the page viewer web part.

Next, we will discuss digital stories. Have a look at the image below. What do you think?

  1. Start to create a one minute video about yourself.
    1. Lets do a storyboard on the board together.
    2. Feel free to start making your video. We will continue with this next week.

On Thursday, we will preview some of your e-portfolio work on the board for all to see.

While you are working on your movie, try this software: Audacity You will eventually make a podcast that you can play on your phone in your your Ipod.

By the way, your test is NOT until week 9.




Click for bigger version

Thursday, 06 October 2011 07:36

EDU 1302 - Week 6 - Portfolio yourself

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We will explore the My Site in SharePoint further as a tool for e-portfolios. We will examine what should go into an e-portfolio and then begin to create some of the features in SharePoint so we can begin to live the portfolio dream!

Read this page from the Nova Scotia Community College site about portfolios. 

Subscribe to this blog about e-portfolios.

Don't forget to add some folders and files to start experiencing the "cloud".

Your task for the class is:

  1. Review the various aspects of e-portfolios (See week 3). Determine what tools in the SharePoint site you are creating could be used to meet each of these purposes.
  2. In pairs, you will develop one of the tools on your own site and then prepare a "one-pager" in your wiki site on how to create the tool and what features to include.
  3. Some of you will be asked to present your work. 


Assignment from Monday
Click for larger image

Thursday, 29 September 2011 06:38

EDU 1302 - Week 5 - File Management

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After we wrap up the Excel section with a lovely graph of your expenditures, We will tackle the set up of a file management system on your laptops using SharePoint.

Consider the following questions:

  1. What is "cloud computing"? (read here)
  2. How do you decide how to name a file? (read here)
  3.  How do you decide where to store a file?



Go to your MySite in SharePoint and prepare to manage your files.

  1. Create FTP link to My Site in My Computer
  2. Set up folders
  3. Add content to folders.
  4. Test by accessing with phone.
  5. Take a screen shot of your folders, put it in the wiki and be prepared to defend your file naming.
Thursday, 22 September 2011 00:22

EDU 1302 - Week 4 - Spendthrift or miser?

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Are you a spendthrift or a miser like Uncle Scrooge? This week we will explore the use Excel to see if we can track how much you spend in a week, a semester and even project how much you might spend in a year here at the college.

Open Excel and then have a look at the sample spreadsheet I will display on the board (I will give it to you later, but for now I want you to discover the 'secrets' in the cells for yourself. 

  • Duplicate the overall style and formatting.
  • Enter some figures for the various columns - don't worry, we don't really want to know how much money you have!
  • Make sure you format the cells for the proper type of data that you will enter
  • Enter formulas for totals of each column and then make a grand total at the end of each table.
  • Apply conditional formatting to track excessive spending
  • Create a new sheet
  • Create a graph of your spending and then display it on the new sheet.


As a follow up, we will then create a spreadsheet for you to track your grades. This may be something you want to keep in your portfolio. We may even see if we can create a list in SharePoint (lists are basically Excel spreadsheets put into a web format).


Thursday, 15 September 2011 05:50

EDU - 1302 - Week 3 - MS Word

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This week will be more practical. You will work through a series of activities designed to explore the features of MS Word.

In anticipation of your brochure assignment, I am going to assign one tab from MS Word to each group. That group will be responsible to add a brief description to the Wiki about what tasks can be performed on that tab. This does not mean every single feature, but a general description and mention some of the main functions.

Don't know how to use a WIKI? Well, lets see...

wikinomicsSee the site and a bigger image that you can actually read


Go to the SharePoint Education Wiki. From there each of you will create a new page for your tab and then link to the page from the MS Word page.