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EPC 3903 - Week 3 - Demonstrating Artful Competency

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Artful Competence

We have discussed this concept before (scroll down to Competency Sphere), but perhaps have not discussed what you think it means.

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Have a look at this article and focus on the competencies. These are for doctors, but many of the competencies equally apply to teachers.



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Core knowledge 
Basic communication skills 
Information management 
Applying knowledge to real-world situations 
Using tacit knowledge and personal experience 
Abstract problem-solving 
Self-directed acquisition of new knowledge 
Recognizing gaps in knowledge 
Generating questions 
Using resources (eg, published evidence, colleagues) 
Learning from experience

Physical examination skills 
Surgical/procedural skills

Incorporating scientific, clinical, and humanistic judgment 
Using clinical reasoning strategies appropriately (hypothetico-deductive, pattern-recognition, elaborated knowledge) 
Linking basic and clinical knowledge across disciplines 
Managing uncertainty

Clinical setting 
Use of time

Communication skills 
Handling conflict 
Teaching others (eg, patients, students, and colleagues)

Tolerance of ambiguity and anxiety 
Emotional intelligence 
Respect for patients 
Responsiveness to patients and society 

Habits of Mind
Observations of one's own thinking, emotions, and techniques 
Critical curiosity 
Recognition of and response to cognitive and emotional biases 
Willingness to acknowledge and correct errors


 I have written quite a range of entries about different types of artefacts. Here is one written for Ramaqia School. See the portfolio assessment as well for further suggestions.

Table X:

Curated Artefacts



Professionalism and Understanding

Certificates of Workshop attendance

Anecdotes from colleagues

Images of professional treatment of guests

Curated collection of work clearly related to competencies

Planning for learning

Lesson plans

Photos of arranged / organized classrooms

Anecdotes from repairing / rearranging classrooms & equipment

Implementing and Managing Learning

Videos / images from the classroom

Observations from colleagues, MST, MCT, principal

Feedback from surveys, student reactions

Assessment and Evaluation

Products from student activities

Test scores and graphs

Anecdotes from students on what they learned


Journal entries

Daily reflective entries

Curated collection of work



I would like to make a list of all the competencies you think you need to demonstrate and then design a chart in which you tell us how you are going to demonstrate these competencies.

It could look something like the ones that we have given you.

Alternatively, it could look like something totally different.


Epstein R.M., Hundert, E.M. (2002). Defining and Assessing Professional Competence. Journal of American Medical Association.;287(2) pps 226-235. doi:10.1001/jama.287.2.226.

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