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EDUC 409 - Tell me a story

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This week we are going to review some aspects of your performance and try to give you a chance to use a new (old) tool.


One issue that I am encountering is the writing of daily reflections. Many of you are asking if you can do them once a week. If you do, then they are not daily.

Also, many of you are asking if you can just do them in Word and then paste them in. This is also not acceptable because then you will be tempted to not only paste them all on a weekly basis, but also write them on a weekly basis. Please see this post to clarify what you can do.


Related to your reflections is the concept of anecdotal evidence. Many of you are collecting surveys and interview data. Much of this is anecdotal in that it is a collection of short sotries, examples and comments. Please see this post for some links and comments on this type of research.


Please complete this survey which we hope will help to make your TP experience better.

Story Telling

I have talked about this before, and will most likely talk about it again - Story telling.

First of all, let me ask you the meaning of:


to be authentic

I realize that this word can be applied to many different situations. I want you to think about what it means in your teaching....

Good. Now, lets watch the video below. Make notes.

According to the person talking, what are the five main points that you need to consider when telling a story?

Now, over the last few weeks I have watched many of you tell a story. I have seen some of you create digital stories, I have seen some of you sing a story, I have seen some of you tell stories in English and tell stories in Arabic.

I would like to see those stories get better and better!

Go to the Education Community Site:

First, log in and then edit your profile. You change the language for your profile to Arabic.

Second, find the discussion forum topic: Telling a story.

  • In two or three sentences, discuss either:
    • one of these points and how it can make your story better. Use a story you have told recently.
    • story telling in general and how it can help your teaching. Again, use a story you have told recently.

Peek here to see the five points

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Story Telling