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Portfolio and Associated Skills

As a result of your portfolio development, you will develop a range of 21st century skills. These can be loosely grouped according to educational skills or by technical skills. There is significant overlap of skills between the different sections.

portfolio associated skills

The concept of a Portfolio Approach first came from this overlap. By maintaining a focus on how to manage and share all of our ideas, files and collected work, we will be able to:

  • See the big picture in our own work
  • Make better connections between various aspects of our work
  • Share work more effectively with stakeholders and colleagues
  • Develop skills that better suit our needs and goals
  • Present Showcase collections to stakeholders
  • Save time and spend it with students
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Security in Google Drive

Security in Google Drive
(Thanks to Google)

google secure lapHere are some tips to keep the files you store in Google Drive safe and secure:

  • Regularly update your account recovery options.
  • Perform regular operating system and browser updates.
  • Never use your Google Account password on another website.
  • Protect your password. Never send your password via email.
  • If you share a computer, sign out of your Google Account when you're finished.
  • If you’re on a public or shared computer, do not install Google Drive, as anyone with access to the computer would be able to open and view your files.
  • Choose an appropriate sharing setting — Private, Anyone with the link, or Public — for your files, folders and Google documents.


General Tips:


Keep your computer and device clean

One of the top ways that criminals can take control of your computer is by installing malicious software, or malware. When installing any software, be careful about associated software. Often, you will be asked to install other programs at the same time.

Some of these might not be malware exactly, but they still can steal processing speed and hard drive space.


Stay up to date

One way that people sometimes gain access to your computer is by looking for known security problems in old versions of software. Many people don’t always update to the latest version of software, which has the best security protections.

Keep your mobile device safe

Smartphones running Android software have similar protections in place to reduce the risk of damage.

Android also requires that every app in the Google Play store list what kind of information the app wants to collect or access from your device, so you can decide whether you trust the app or not.


Manage multiple accounts

Many devices now support multiple online accounts. This means you’re in control of which account you use, and when. And even if you are signed in to multiple Google Accounts on the same device, personal information from one Google Account is not combined with information from any other Google Account, unless you decide to link those accounts together.

You can toggle between your Google Accounts easily and quickly, both on desktop and on mobile. For example, you can add a secondary Google Account when you’re signed in on your main account and switch back and forth between them.

Jargon Buster


How to Use Google Drive


Sharing Settings in Google Drive

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EDT - 2203 - Week 7 - Showing your Stuff

This is your last week before you head out to your teaching practice. I am sure that Ms Liz has prepared you well for your experience. However, while out there, you will be observed by either me or Dr. Simon.

Nada Ahmed Sharjah Al Ramaqeia School Boys Paul
Sumeya Khalid Sharjah Al Ramaqeia School Boys Paul
Fatima Younis Sharjah Al Garayain KG Paul
Hajar Salim UAQ Bint al Shata Simon
Hessa Saeed Ajman Sheikah Bint Saeed Simon
Hessah Obaid UAQ Ahmed Bin Rashid Simon / Liz
Khawla Ali Ajman Sheikah Bint Saeed Simon
Mariam Salim UAQ Bint al Shata Simon
Rawda Salim Sharjah HBN School Paul
Salama Saif Sharjah HBN School Paul
Shaikha Khamis Ajman Sheikah Bint Saeed Simon

We will also review your next assessment which is the Online presence assessment:

Within the context of your portfolio development for EDT 2003, you will prepare your media support tools to use in the portfolio showcase.

There are a profusion of tools available and you as educational technology experts need to be able to distinguish between them and recognize their strengths and benefits.

You will be responsible to incorporate a variety of information and media tools into your showcase portfolio. This will involve setting up accounts and then incorporating examples of your work from these accounts into the Mahara portfolio.

On each page of the showcase, you should include a description of the tool and how you will use it.


You will need to develop the following tools:

  • Journals
  • Document library
  • Communication tools appropriate for various audiences
  • Materials that can be used for T&L
  • Methods of showcasing your work and ideas.


The various tools need to be linked through the Mahara site. You will be assessed on the interface you have presented through the Mahara tool.

We will also review your discussion board entry for your next assessment. This will be due in week 10.

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Add a Blog RSS Feed to Mahara Portfolio

How to Add a Blog RSS Feed to Mahara Portfolio

  • Go to your blog, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the text that says, Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

google blog rss

  • A new page will open with the address to the RSS feed.
    • An RSS feed is a link to an XML formatted version of your blog. This will allow the blog feed to update automatically where you use the link to the feed.
    • It also allows the blog site to display only the post, not the entire blog site, in another page.

google blog copyrss

  • Copy the address of the blog feed from the address bar of the browser.
  • Go to MAHARA and open the page where you want to display your blog.
    • You will need to EDIT the page.
    • Refer to the section on adding or creating pages or collection to your portfolio for further information on how to do this.
  • Click on the EDIT CONTENT tab and then drag and drop the External Feed block to your page.

mahara edit rss

  • These are the most important options for the blog.

mahara add rssfeed

  • You will see other options, which you can leave as default if you prefer.
  • Paste the address of the feed into the FEED LOCATION box.
    • You may want to edit the layout of the page to allow for a wider column layout.

How to work with Pages and Collections in Mahara

For more information on pages and collections, click here

For more information on editing pages, click here

In Mahara, in order to showcase your work, in most instances you will need to create a page and then place content on that page for others to access. This content can include an embedded word document containing a lesson plan or PDP. It can also include an RSS feed from a blog or a folder from Google Drive.

You can also copy a page that you have already created and simply edit some of the content to quickly create a new page.

  • Go to your own profile.

mahara dash


  • Click on Portfolio and then go to Pages and click ‘CREATE A PAGE’.

portfolio page create



  • Page title: Provide a title for your page. This field cannot be left empty. If you do not enter a title, the default “Untitled” will appear.
  • Page description: Write a brief description summarising your objective of this page. It will appear on the page itself.
  • Tags: Enter tags to find your page more easily at a later stage. Separate your tags with commas. If you already have tags, you can click on the link 'Show my tags' and select the ones that you think will fit for this page as well. They will be entered into the text field for you.
  • Name display format: Choose which of your names you want to appear on the page as author.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes and to continue to the Edit content part.

Copy a page or collection

You may want to use a page that has a lot of content as a template. You can copy that page and then edit the blocks that you have already created. This may save you time.

You may also want the same page to appear in more than one collection. In this case, you will need to make a copy of the page.

  • Starting from the Portfolio link, click on COPY A PAGE.  
  • Once you click on COPY A PAGE, you will be able to copy either a collection or a page. You can see individual pages and also see what collection that page is in.

mahara copy page collection

  • If you want the entire collection, you can simply copy the collection.
  • It may be easier to get started by copying a whole collection and then deleting certain pages.
  • Once you have your own collections, you can copy these as well, more or less in the same way. 

Copy a Collection

  • Once you click on COPY COLLECTION, you will be asked to edit the Collection name and the description. You can change these to your own personalized titles.

mahara edit collection title

  • Next, you can edit which pages are included in the collection.
  • You can remove pages that came with the copied collection
  • You can add existing pages from your own set of pages. 

mahara copy page selection


  • Once you have completed the collection edits, you will be returned to your own COLLECTIONS page, under your portfolio. 

Curated Collections

  • When showcasing your work, one essential sharing method will be to link your curated collections through your profile page.
  • Under the General tab, select the “Navigation” module. This will display a collection.

mahara collection add

  • You can edit the various elements of the module and select the collection you want to display.

mahara collection add edit

  • In the block title, you can put the actual title, or another title that indicates the audience of that particular collection.
  • You can include more than one collection.

mahara profile collection module

  • The same page can be copied and shared in as many different curations – SHOWCASE COLLECTIONS – as are necessary.

mahara curation compare


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Add Single Document to Mahara

Add Single Document to Mahara

  • In Google Drive, share the document that you wish to highlight in your portfolio. Follow the same steps that you used to share a folder (see SHARING A FOLDER).
    • You will want to edit the layout of the page to allow a wider column in order to fit the full document.

google shared

  • In the Share window, select “Anyone who has the Link can View”.
  • Once you have set the access, copy the "Link to Share".
  • Go to Mahara and then open the page where you want to show the document.

mahara sidebar edit

  • Click on EDIT THIS PAGE.
  • Under External content, select the GOOGLE APPS block and drag it to the page.
  • As you did with other blocks, give the block a Title and then paste the link into the URL OR EMBED CODE area.
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Add Showcase Folder to Mahara Portfolio

Add Showcase Folder to Mahara Portfolio

mahara swc

  • You can either create your own page, or click on “Shared with Me” and select a preformatted page from the list.
    • For many of your pages, you will be able to select a preformatted page to save yourself lots of time.
    • If you select a preformatted page, you will need to click on the “Edit Page” link in the top right corner.
    • If you create a new page, it will automatically open in edit mode.
  • When your page opens in edit mode, you will see several editing tabs for different options.

mahara edit content

  • You can edit the title and description and layout at any time. See the “Edit Title and Description” instructions for detailed use.
  • Go to EXTERNAL CONTENT and then drag and drop the “External resource block” anywhere on the page. You can always move it later.
    • Refer to EDIT LAYOUT for information on how to edit the page columns.

mahara edit drag

  • Once you drop the block, you will see this page of options:

mahara ex resource

  • In the Block title, you can type the name of the folder you are sharing. Leave the next two boxes unticked.
  • To get the URL, you need to return to Google Drive, right-click on the folder you are going to share, select share and then copy the URL from the top of the window (Click here to see how to share).

google shared

  • Copy the LINK TO SHARE, and paste it in the URL box in Mahara.
    • You can also share the link via the other tools listed underneath the link (Gmail, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter). This adds content to your profile and makes you look good.
      • To get people to visit your site, you need to have something for them to look at.
      • You can also use this method to share work with colleagues through Google Plus. See sharing with Google Plus.
  • Click on Save. You will see this on your page:

mahara folders view

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Share a Folder or File in Google Drive

Share a Folder or File in Google Drive

  • Go to your Google Drive folder
    • You can go to your computer based folder, or you can do this in Google Drive on the cloud (in a browser)

google folder drive

  • Create a folder called “Lesson Plan Exemplars”.
    • You can create and name any folders you want or need, and you can save them in the same manner.
  • When you create the new folder, you will notice a small icon in the bottom right of your screen (top right on a MAC).

google sync

    • This shows you that the content of the Google Drive folder is syncing with the cloud-based folder, stored safely on a Google server somewhere.
  • Go back to the browser and refresh. You should see this folder in your Google Drive.
    • You can create folders in the browser as well and they will sync to your laptop.
  • Right-click on the folder, go to share and then share. Click.

google folder share

  • Click on change and then change the option to “Anyone with the Link”.

google share options

  • Your options should look like this.

google shared

  • Return to your computer folder.
  • Find two or three documents and place them in the folder.
    • Once this this folder has been created and shared, you can simply add documents to it as you create them and they will automatically appear in your linked showcase folder.
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Set up Google Drive

How to Set Up Google Drive

  • Go to Google Drive.

google tools

  • From any Google page, such as your Gmail page, you will see a small icon next to your account name. Click on it and open Google Drive.
    • If this is your first time, you may be asked to register or something else. Do whatever you are told.
  • Next, you will see a link to connect Google Drive to your Desktop.

google drive connect

  • Click on this and follow the directions. When you are installing this software, make sure that you DO NOT install any other junk software that you will not need.
    • DO NOT click yes, yes, okay, okay until you have read just what you are installing.
  • Once you have installed the Google Drive, Look for the Google Drive folder that is now on your computer.

google folders

  • You can store all of your work in this folder if you wish.
  • You MUST store any work that you wish to share or save in the cloud in sub folders inside of this main root folder.

google folder drive


Stage Two of the Ramaqia School project is underway. This stage involves reviewing the technical working of the portfolio site and trialing various means of demonstrating the how participants are meeting their two sets of competencies, as determing by the Sharjah Ministry of Education and the education Zone.

Behavioral Competencies

Behavioral Competencies Determiners/Skills Evidence



Change Management


Employee Skill Development






Customer Service




Resources Management




Technical Competencies

Technical Competencies





Leadership Quality Management


School Regulations


Student Affairs


Educational Techniques / Methods


Specializations / Content Expertise


Planning & Implementation


Professional Development

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