PME 832 - Fall 2017

PME 832 - Fall 2017 (7)

PME-832 - The Connected Classroom

Leaders in classroom practice help learners make strong connections to the world outside the classroom. This course examines the foundations of why, when and how to enlarge the context for learning and explores avenues that yield integrated and authentic learning experiences. Examples of connectedness are found in classrooms that connect to students’ experiences at home, integrate opportunities for informal education, encourage the involvement of community members, foster community service, and cultivate relevant and appropriate uses of the internet. The focus of learning will be on how to trigger, facilitate and enrich learning through outreach activities.

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832 - Final assignment - Advice

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832 - Case Study Feedback

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Discussion boards in D2L

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Discussion boards are a critical element in the courses you are taking at Queens University. In some courses they comprise…
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832 - Feedback on 'My Connections'

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832 - Email your instructor

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PME 832 - Syllabus - Fall 2017

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