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Update for Students - Module 3

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Hello - Your first set of submissions to me, as part of Module 3 are due on February 12th. Given that the following week was designated as an 'off-week' (Feb 13 – 19), and that I can see many of you might need a few more days, I will:

  • Extend the deadline for these submissions to Thursday, February 16th. If you submit before this time, I will try to complete your feedback as soon as possible.
  • If you submit by this date, I will try to have your feedback to you by Monday, February 20th, which still leaves you lots of time to act on any comments.
  • If you still need a bit more time, please let me know in advance.

Just remember, that the deadlines are to help everyone keep together on the same timeline and so work together.

These submissions include:

  • Activity: Final Core Concepts Map
    • Submit to dropbox (link to site in word document or image / pdf)
  • Technologies Montage
    • Submit to dropbox (Link to site or youtube etc. in Word – DO NOT submit video file)
  • Activity: Professional Community Initial Proposal
    • Submit to Module 2 Discussion board: Our Professional Communities

Concurrently, Module 2 ends on February 12 and so you should have posted to the “Our Professional Communities - Making Connections” Discussion board. In Module 3, you should continue to post to this SAME discussion board to make your proposal.

*** To be successful in the group assignment, your first post (Module 2) should highlight the community or communities you have been considering. You can then see what communities other people are considering. You will eventually choose one community to focus on for your group. To give yourself the best opportunity, the more communities that are discussed, then better the choice you will have.

In Module 3, you should be pitching your entry to let others know what you might want to do about the group project. This is your chance to attract group members. Ironically, I often counsel other academics at my university to not let students choose groups because you don’t get to do so in ‘real life’. However, in an online forum, getting a group is actually harder than having one made for you.

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